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Lebara play STB + Gift-CH

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Kaufen Sie unsere Set-Top-Box, schließen Sie sie einfach an Ihren Fernseher an und genießen Sie Ihre Tamil Lieblingsfilme und -TV-Sender mit einem einjährigen Abonnement

Lebara Play is an award-winning, entertainment service that provides a premium collection of Tamil TV channels and movies from a range of countries. We offer a range of packages combining the latest movies and the best live TV channels from around the world, offering fantastic value.

We offer the latest TAMIL movies, with new blockbusters added regularly from around the world. You can watch your favourite TAMIL TV channels live, at the same time as friends and family back home. Never miss the TV shows you love with our seven day catch up service. With the Lebara Play app you can watch across multiple devices, including your smartphone TV, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Or even on your TV using our set top box, or via Chromecast or Apple AirPlay. Plus you can start watching on one device and finish on another. All our content is 100% legal so you’re supporting the production of more of the TV and movies you love as well as best quality.

6 very good reasons to join Lebara Play, Sun TV pack and Zee Tamil only available on Lebara play!!!!

• The latest Tamil blockbuster movies
• Over 30 favourite Live TV Channels
• Never miss a thing with 7 day catch up
• Watch on Multiple devises Simultaneously
• 100% Legal, Support the content you love

12 month subscription + set top box
- Plug & play HD set top box
- Remote control with QWERTY keyboard

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